Über mich

Hallo und welcome!

Ich bin Linnea und ich backe im Sinne der Förderung der transatlantischen Beziehungen amerikanische Rezepte in Deutschland!

Dieser Blog wird aufgrund meiner Nebentätigkeit als Master Studentin Bürokratin mit unfassbarer Unregelmäßigkeit aktualisiert. Mehr zum Hintergrund dieses Blogs gibt es hier.

Hello and willkommen!

I am Linnea and I promote the transatlantic relationship by baking American recipes in Germany.

Due to my time-consuming hobby of being a full-time graduate student paper pusher this blog gets updated with pitiful irregularity. You can find out more about why I started this blog here. Due to the time-sucking graduate school adult job mentioned above, the majority of my blog posts are in German only, but I do try and provide most of the recipes in English.

Fourth of July

4 Antworten zu Über mich

  1. Silke schreibt:

    Ich liebe banana bread und carrot cake… danke für die tollen Rezepte!

  2. Kurt schreibt:

    Danke für den Hinweis auf Deinen Blog, Linnea. Toll!

  3. Carrie schreibt:

    Hi! I see you still update. My name is Carrie, and I am an American from the southeastern United States. I noticed you have not posted many baked goods from my region – would you like some ideas or recipes? For example: biscuits (and gravy!), pound cake, and fried pies.

    I am starting to try to do the opposite of you: find German recipes, especially baked goods, and translate them for American kitchens. I do this for my personal reference, but was thinking about adding them to a blog at some point.

    Thank you for your blog!

    • americanbaking schreibt:

      Glad you like the blog. My baking roots are indeed more Midwestern-influenced American baking and I don’t know many Southeastern recipes. The recipes you suggested sound delicious though and I will look into them.

      All the best on your endeavors. You might want to check out the Classic German Baking book for inspiration.

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